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Digital Tech & Entrepreneur
Expo Career

This project involved managing a large-scale higher edu event with 800 -1000 attendees. We were responsible for coordinating all aspects of the event, including venue selection, vendor management, logistics, and on-site coordination. Our team ensured that the event ran smoothly and exceeded our client's expectations from ideation to execution.

Event Sponsors


Entrepreneur Network of
Los Angeles

The Entrepreneur Network of Los Angeles is a collaborative project I had the privilege to coordinate. This project became a central staple for us to produced a series of events and workshops to help train and educate students and community members on how to launch their own businesses. Our team of professionals provided amazing guest speakers from serial entrepreneurs to everyday small business owners. Partners from LinkedIn, Microsoft, and NFTE provided resources and subject-matter experts to help equip our members with tools and knowledge to jumpstart their business.


Gig 2 Career Events

Gig 2 Career is a series of events that promote entrepreneurship under three on-going themes: Launch, Grow, and Connect. Our mission is to share our knowledge, stories, and experiences with college students and community members who are interested in the world of entrepreneurship. We create events and workshops that are free for anyone to attend. These events vary in size, but all of them are designed to help you explore the possibilities of starting your own business. We aim to provide a platform that enables people to launch their ideas, grow their skills, and connect with the right people to make their dreams a reality.

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